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Improve Retention in Telecommunications

There was a time when you could just blanket a trade area with offers ranging from TV to cable to wireless to mobile. Not anymore. As new competitors enter an already saturated market, the focus has shifted to retention—and the “blanket approach” is neither efficient nor customer-centric. But now you can outperform traditional targeting with Pitney Bowes.

The secret to reducing churn can be found in predictive analytics uplift modeling, a sophisticated approach that goes beyond segmentation to identify where customer retention efforts can make a true difference.

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Telcos Tune Customer Experiences With Behavioral Analytics

Managing customer churn continues to confuse direct marketers. They struggle to define, target, or properly value customers. But increasingly marketers are turning to behavioral analytics to power customer retention programs and manage the customer experience.

This valuable report explores how behavioral analytics can improve the performance of retention programs. Download your free report now!